Clean eating but still not losing weight?

If I had a euro for everytime I was told “but I eat clean” when someone says they still aren’t losing weight I would be a rich woman ? it’s a common problem so here are my top 3 reasons why ? 1. Your portions are too big , at the end of the day […]

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Binge Eating

Binge eating is a common problem and it puts people in a never ending cycle of battling weightloss along with the fact it’s also emotionally draining. The most common action after a binge eating session is to make yourself endless promises, which generally include over exercising and under eating to rid yourself of the guilt […]

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Juicing Diets

Over the last 15 years I’m pretty sure I’ve tried every fad diet ever invented . Having struggled with my weight from a young age I was always looking for the next magical weightloss diet. Let’s discuss   shakes/juicing diets , these are extremely popular as of late ……..WHY?? Juicing in particular is marketed in […]

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