Hi my name is aoife and I am the founder of Pixie Fitness. I am a fitness and wellbeing consultant and I have designed an online lifestyle program for busy women like you.

I was like a lot of women I constantly struggled with my weight, and confidence. My lack of confidence and denial meant I usually hid from photos but after seeing a picture of myself at a family wedding, I was faced with the truth i had been running away from and I decided I needed to do something about how I felt about myself.

"Enough is Enough"

I started to eat less and exercise more. Initially I lost a lot of weight, but when I got pregnant with my first child I put a lot of weight back on , this is around the time I started a starve/binge cycle and my weight would yoyo constantly.

Finally, when I was 24, I couldn't live like this anymore, especially with my little girl around now. She was my main motivation, I didn’t want my daughter growing up and taking on my bad eating habits and poor body image.

"I feel Better than Ever"

Now I feel great I am healthier and happier, I love shopping for clothes and getting pictures taken and most importantly I am a great role model for my kids, and I want to help other people like me make the same change

My aim is to show you that you can lose weight and drop body fat without the need for fad diets or even a gym membership plus you get to have a treat every day . this plan will have you feeling energetic, happier, confident and an added bonus of fitting better into your clothes

The Plan for you

The flexifitness123 plan was created using my own personal past history of weight struggles, as well as client experiences to create a food and training plan that will help stop the need for yoyo dieting and attempting complicated time consuming training plans.

Pixie Fitness is not just about personal training and exercising, its about educating clients on how to achieve a healthy fit body and mind through food and training while maintaining a balanced lifestyle.

I offer a friendly down to earth approach to training and nutrition that is easy to follow and tailored to my clients needs and lifestyle.

Training with me is a body and mind transformation.

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