Request Your 7 Day Motivator Today

7 day motivator is an easy to follow action plan suitable for women who are complete beginners to any sort of exercise and have very bad food and health habits but are too nervous to sign up to a more structured plan. This will ease you into feeling more confident over a week and encourage you to continue you on to the flexifit123 plan.

The 7 day motivator plan includes the following:

  • Easy food guidelines on what to start adding in to your diet as well as what foods to reduce.
  • Very easy body weight circuit to follow at home.
  • Sleep and stress guidelines
  • Checklist to print off and tick each of the 7 days.
  • A facebook group you are welcome to join called "7 day motivator"

This plan is subject to the Pixie Fitness general terms and conditions.

  • 7 Day Motivator

    A downloadable guide will be emailed to you after providing your name and email address.

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